Capstone Component 3: Professional Reflection Essay Submission

Submit your professional reflection essay.

For additional details, please refer to the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric and Professional Reflection Essay Guidelines documents.

Please review the capstone rubric at this time to ensure your project hits all aspects of the rubric. Please review the final project rubric at this time. Your capstone will be scored for Proficient/Not Proficient for the following critical elements. I have highlighted those areas that tend to present the biggest challenges to students.

  • Develop innovative and agile computer-based solutions to business problems through a systems analysis approach and technology integration and application
  • Design a plan for implementing and monitoring solutions that incorporate core information technologies, concepts, and methods appropriate for secure information use across an enterprise
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively in a variety of environments through situational awareness and audience analysis
  • Develop an implementation plan for systematic information risk assessment for change management plans and processes within enterprise business and information technology environments
  • Using computational logic and critical analysis, construct ethically sound, technology-informed procedures to ensure legal compliance and maintain security within enterprise information technology environments.

If you are still researching ideas for change management plans, these links may be of interest. Remember that change management was a topic of an earlier discussion.

Change Management

An article on Continuous Integration written by Martin Fowler:

Learn how DevOps and frequent releases improve the success of mobile applications: