can you write case study based on a character?

Students will submit a case study based on a character. Submit a short description of the presenting concerns, symptoms, and background information. Then you will choose a counseling theory((((Cognitive behavioral therapy)))) to conceptualize the psychological concerns. Describe the situation. Explain how the concept applies.

3 full pages writing

APA format

1 or 2 references / Jones-Smith, E. (2016). Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy: An Integrative Approach. Thousand Oaks, CA : Sage. OR any book related to Cognitive behavioral therapy.

Introduction: Detailed yet succinct intro that identifies client, age, ethnicity, occupation, grade, etc.

Presenting Concern: Description of problem provides sophisticated understanding; word choice conveys empathy with each perspective; descriptions clearly contribute to coherent conceptualization

Background Information: Includes detailed yet succinct description of recent and past events and traumas. Selected information helps develop coherent conceptualization.

Client Strengths & Diversity Insightful identification of strengths; able to identify subtle diversity resources and limitations and how these may impact counseling process.

Overall Conceptualization: All elements of case conceptualization clearly fit to create a unified understanding to guide counseling process. Sophisticated conceptualization that identifies subtle issues