Cambodia Genocide and Mass Killing Article Discussion

Two articles are attached. One article is a chapter from a book by Chalk and Jonassohn (1990) and gives some of the specifics associated with the genocide in Cambodia, 1975-1979.The other article is by Owens, Su and Snow (2013) and is an overview of the social scientific literature on genocide and mass killing. The five major approaches to explaining genocide are: Macro-Institutional; Political Elite; Becoming Perpetrators; Social Construction of Victims; and Local/Regional Processes.Both articles are downloadable from JSTOR.

Your written assignment has two-parts and is as follow. (1) Summarize the narrative as displayed in the film “The Killing Fields” (1984).Trace the plot, identify the political themes, identify any ‘causes’ of the instability, and convey any personal thoughts/feeling you wish to share.(2) Find a scholarly journal article that is associated with one of the five approaches as found in Owens, Su, and Snow (2013).Fully describe the theoretical argument employed to explain the aspect of genocide you selected.For example, let’s say you select an article on the “ordinary” men hypothesis—how is it that ordinary men become genocidal perpetrators? The theory (or story) that links ordinary men to genocide might say the following: Ordinary people are susceptible to recruitment by manipulative elites; they are vulnerable to irrational appeals, fear-mongering, have a need to conform to the group, or have a need for power over others, and so on.