Buying Situational Influences Paper

HW: BUYING SITUATION: influences at work @ a retail store

This homework assignment asks you to go on a shopping trip with your analytical consumer behavior perspectives engaged. Of course I am not asking you to go on shopping trip, but instead please imagine that you’re in one of these shops (Niki, Zara, Safeway or any brands that exist in the Washington area. The mentioned ones are preferred. Try considering it through a ‘consumer behavior’ lens.

First, complete STEP ONE (next page) – think about these issues ahead of time and jot down notes as appropriate. Then, visit the store and add to your notes. Look at what seems to be going on around you, not just with your own shopping trip, but with that of others in the store as well. Pretend you’re shopping here.

Then, before you go home, go to STEP TWO and identify the consumer role you have been assigned. Now go through the store once again, through the eyes of your consumer role. Jot down additional notes as needed as you encounter things/elements of the experience that are different, difficult, or just new to you.

Finally, respond in writing to the 3 questions in STEP THREE(attached); those responses will be turned in as homework to our Canvas space.

NOTE: Please follow the instructions provided In the attached file below.

Please write at least a page for each question (Double-spaced)