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  • CSR Team Assignment: Remember that it makes good business sense for hospitality operations to help improve their communities. As a human resource manager, research has shown that it is helpful for recruiting and retaining great employees if your company has commitments to corporate social responsibility. Some organizations have programs that, for example:

(a) contribute time and money to worthwhile charitable causes,

(b) provide products and services during disaster times and emergencies,

(c) participate in environmentally friendly initiatives like recycling, conservation of energy and using environmentally friendly packaging,

(d) coordinate activities for employees to volunteer time and services for the community,

(e) recognize animal welfare concerns in agreements with food suppliers, and/or

(f) avoid publicly taking controversial or political positions on issues that have the potential to divide local communities.

This list is by no means exhaustive. You, together with your team members, will be researching and learning about companies that are making a difference in our world by their acts of corporate social responsibility or CSR.

Assignment : You are to work together to produce a 4-5 page, double-spaced, 12-point Times Roman font research paper worth up to 120 points (each active team member will receive the same score), and to be uploaded to the appropriate assignment folder under Assessments/Assignments (only one team member need load the paper) which will include the following information:

Each team will jointly select 3-4 different hospitality industry segments from the list of segments listed below and will collectively research 6 different companies in any of these 3-4 selected industry segments for US companies who currently have a strong and robust corporate social responsibility program. If you or your team members are unsure about whether a company fits into the hospitality industry, please reach out to me for approval in advance of including the company in your research. (YOU ONLY HAVE TO CHOOSE TWO COMPANIES)

In full paragraphs (yes, spelling and grammar do count), provide details on eachcompany which should include:

(a) the full name of the business,

(b) a brief description of the business including the hospitality industry segment,

(c) the name and details about the CSR program; what they are doing to help improve their community,

(d) when the CSR program was established,

(e) who is the lead person handling the CSR program,

(f) any guest or customer reviews you can find on the CSR program and

(g) any employee (or applicant) feedback on the organization’s CSR program and their decision to pursue the organization due to the CSR program.

Hospitality Industry Segments

(a) lodging/hotels/resorts

(b) conventions/meetings/trade shows/events

(c) restaurants/food service/beverage

(d) recreation/attractions/clubs/sporting events/parks/gaming

(e) travel/air/rail/auto/coach/cruise lines