Business of Music Marketing

Thinking back to the best practices we have discussed for owned, paid, and earned media over the past two weeks, your assignment for this week is to find an example of a music marketing release that includes all three components (owned, paid, and earned) of an effective integrated media campaign.

In a three-to-five-page document, provide the following:

  • Overview of the music company and general music marketing campaign mission. For example, what company are you researching, and what are the specifics of the campaign that you will be analyzing?
  • Elements of each part of the campaign: owned components, paid initiatives, and any earned visibility associated with specific elements of the campaign.
  • Any screen shots of creative, and links to earned visibility.
  • An analysis of the results of the campaign, including:
    1. Overall impact of the campaign.
    2. How you determined the success or failure of each component of the campaign.
    3. What information you gathered through data, as well as which results are more anecdotal.
  • Specific recommendations on what you might have done differently to improve results.
  • Include any additional visuals that might help support your analysis and make sure you provide references and cite all your sources according to APA guidelines.
  • Please upload your final submission as a PDF file and label it LastName_L04_BusinessOfMusicMarketing.pdf (e.g., Smith_L04_BusinessOfMusicMarketing.pdf).