business government and society power point presentation

For your Term Presentation Project, you will be creating a presentation that establishes a well developed persuasive argument on a specific side of a piece of course content that you are examining. The video on the page is an excellent example and from a former student. Also, since this is meant to be a multimedia presentation here are some excellent examples to help you with being creative with media, (While these examples are not necessarily persuasive in nature, they are good examples of multimedia presentations).

By week 15 of the course you will need to create your own video or presentation and upload it to the course. It can be an actual video or a presentation using PowerPoint or other presentation tool. You must narrate your presentations and they should be between 10 and 15 minutes long, no more than 20 minutes. Before beginning, explore the tools available to you by reviewing Instructions for Creating and Submitting Media for Assignments.

This project will be completed throughout the course in segments so it will not be a large amount of work at any one time. For the presentation, you will complete:

  1. A refined topic (M1 A2 Term Presentation Project: Benchmark #1)
  2. An annotated bibliography (M2 A2 Term Presentation Project: Benchmark #2)
  3. A presentation progress report (M3 A2 Term Presentation Project: Benchmark #3)
  4. Peer review Discussion (M5 D1 Peer Review Area)
  5. Submit your final presentation (M5 A1 Term Presentation Project)

that said create a video presentation on the business ethics topic we just did. bullet each slide but talk over what is supposed to be said for each slide or type out what should be said for each slide and I will talk over. needs to be 10 – 15 mins long.