BUSI690 Integration of Faith and Learning Paper


Integration of Faith and Learning Paper Instructions

  • At the end of each chapter in the Rothaermel textbook, there is a section titled “Ethical/Social Issues.” You must review each chapter’s Ethical/Social Issues section to answer and apply your knowledge of strategy/policy and your Christian worldview. Select a Question
    • Search the Bible (either the Old or New Testament) for a Bible verse(s) that would guide you in answering the Ethical/Social Issues question you have chosen.
    • In a minimum of 800 words, discuss this Bible verse and your Christian worldview as they relate to your chosen Ethical/Social Issues questions. NOTE: To earn better than a minimum grade (B) in grad school, you must go beyond the minimum and it must be considered excellent work.
      • First section: Discuss the answers to your Ethical/Social Issues question (from a strategy/policy perspective).
      • Second section: State your Bible verse and then discuss the verse(s). To properly address this section, it will require biblical research to put your verse(s) into context for the next section.
      • Third paragraph: Discuss/analyze the importance of the Bible verse in addressing your chosen question from a Christian worldview perspective.

    Chapter 1 Questions

    Chapter 3 Question

    • The Chapter notes the U.S. federal government has provided incentives for consumers to purchase electric vehicles (EVs). Some state governments are also providing additional purchase incentives. However, other countries are also encouraging the purchase of EVs. Norway counts over 30 percent of its newly registered vehicles in the first quarter of 2015 as electric vehicles(compared to less than 1 percent for the U.S. registration). Norway waives a substantial automobile import tax on EVs vehicles sold inside the country.
    • Th chapter mentions that one type of resource flow is the loss key personnel who move to another firm. Assume that the human resources department of your firm has started running ads and billboards for open positions near the office of your top competitor. Your firm is also running Google ads on a keyword search fot this same competitor. Is there anything unethical about this activity? Would your view change if this key competitior had just announced a major layoff?
    • How do the perceptions on competitive advantage differ when comparing brick-and-mortar stores to online businesses (e.g. Best Buy vs Amazon, Barnes & Noble vs Amazon, The Gap vs Thredless, Norrstrom vs Zappos, and so on)? Make recommendations to brick-and-mortar stores as how they can compete more effectively with online firms. What conclusions do you draw?

    Chapter 4 Question

    Chapter 5 Question

    A suggested format for this assignment is as follows: