BUS400 Scrub Daddy Product Financial Management Project

1) The attached includes the project example we discussed in the class. Study the example and get familiar with the excel calculations.

2) Use the excel template to work out the financial forecast for your own business idea.

For business idea:

  • If you have a idea, you are encouraged to work out financial idea.
  • You can also use the business idea from other class for our project.
  • Or, you can pick up a start up company from a newly listed company for forecasting.

Submit your work in a word document with no more than 5 pages.

  • Briefly explain the idea and source of profit.
  • Explain the assumptions for your business forecast.
  • Use the template to forecast the valuation cash flow generated by the business.
  • Calculate the NPV, IRR, and payback period for your business.

6) Prepare a PPT file for class presentation.

You can use your idea. Both service and product should work. Or you can borrow ideas from some start ups or tv programs like Shark Tank. The focus of this project is to translate the business idea into financial planning and forecasting.

use scrub daddy product