BUS370 Regent Principles Business Contracts and Agreements Discussion

Based on the readings from Chapters 12 and 13, there are a host of principles and policies in place to protect parties from others, as well as their own mistakes or ignorance. What are some biblical principles that relate to these legal ideals, such as Public Policy, the Parol Evidence Rule, and the Statute of Frauds? Specifically, which of these biblical principles pertain to business contracts and agreements today? How do the principles compare with the readings from chapters 12 and 13?

Cite a minimum of two (2) scholarly peer reviewed sources (beyond your textbook or the Bible) applying APA guidelines (250-450 word count range).

  1. Liuzzo, A. L., & Hughes, R. C. (2019). Essentials of Business Law (10th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Education:
    1. Chapters 7, Introduction to Contracts;
    2. Chapters 8, Offer and Acceptance;
    3. Chapters 9, Mutual Agreement;
    4. Chapters 10, Consideration;
    5. Chapters 11, Competent Parties;
    6. Chapters 12, Legal Purpose of Contracts;
    7. Chapters 13, Form of Contracts;
    8. Chapters 14, Operation of Contracts;
    9. Chapters 15, Discharge of Contracts; and
  2. Luke 7:36-50 (Greater Debt) [NEW].