Brain Structures and Functions Paper

Week 5 Paper: Brain Structures and Functions

DUE: May 5, 2019 11:55 PM

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Open Date Mar 31, 2019 12:05 AM
Graded? Yes
Points Possible 150.0
Resubmissions Allowed? No
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Assignment Instructions

Week 5 Brain Structures and Functions

150 Possible Points

For this assignment, you are tasked with completing a 6-8-page paper that addresses the major structures of the brain and the influence these have on cognition and learning. By completing this assignment, you will demonstrate (a) an understanding of the major brain structures, (b) fluency in the processes that occur within the brain, leading to the learning of specific behaviors, and (c) the connections of the relationships required between major brain structures and cognitive functions to facilitate the learning process.

In completing the assignment, include the following, ensuring details are provided to fully elucidate the concepts presented:

  • Select 2-3 learning experiences, describing, in detail, how each experience generally occurs.
    • Examples of learning experiences one might consider are learning to ride a bike, learning a new language, learning to bake a cake, to name a few.
  • In describing each learning experience, identify at least 4 specific brain structures or functions that contribute to or impede the selected learning processes.
  • For each identified function or structure, describe and define the structure of the brain and purpose, with detail.
    • Include a diagram, a process model, or provide another visual representation of the brain structures and functions depicting accurate examples of the structural changes that might occur or steps in the process of the learning tasks selected.
  • As a major purpose of the work is to demonstrate an understanding of the brain structures related to learning processes, close your work with a succinct summary of the major aspects of the topic from the learning experiences you selected.
    • Share your conclusions as a result of completing this project; how is the knowledge you have gained useful to the field of cognitive psychology, the larger field of psychology, and society overall?

Include a minimum 6 to 7 pages, not including APA formatted required title and reference pages; submit APA style in-text citations throughout the work as well.

The basic parts of a paper should also be included; these are the opening, introduction section, with a precise thesis statement, the body of the paper with clear, discernable headings formatted to APA style levels of heading where appropriate, and a conclusion that restates the thesis and summarizes the major points of the entire paper.

The APUS Library provides APA formatting resources at Writing@APUS. You may also see Purdue’s OWL for general APA formatting information and for formatting help on many topics.

All submissions are due by the end of Week 5, Sunday at 11:55 pm ET.

See the Grading Rubric Below




Needs Improvement



Learning experiences

40 points possible

Student identifies 2 – 3 learning experiences, critically examining each by providing detailed descriptions of the learning processes, and how each occurs in general instances.

Student identifies at least 2 learning experiences, providing accurate descriptions of each learning process; greater detail and more critical analyses and examination of the learning processes would have enhanced this portion of the work.

Student identifies less than 2 learning experiences, providing a marginal description of the learning process. Critical analyses and examination of learning processes were absent from the work.

The work does not include identification of learning experiences or examination of the related processes.

Brain structures and functions

40 possible points

Student accurately identifies a minimum of 4 brain structures or functions involved in each learning experience described, articulating the structure’s/function’s contributions or impediments to the learning experience selected.

Student accurately identifies less than 4 brain structures or functions involved in each learning experience described; greater presence of the structures/functions role in contributing to or impeding the learning experience selected would have enhanced the section.

Student either inaccurately identifies brain structures or functions involved in each learning experience described OR fails to articulate the structure’s or function’s contributions or impediments to the learning experience selected.

The work does not include a relevant discussion of the brain structures and functions related to the learning experiences identified in the work.

Visual Aids

25 possible points

Student includes accurate visual representations of each included brain structure and function using diagrams, process models, virtual structural models, or other appropriate visual aids.

Student includes relatively accurate visual representations of most included brain structures and functions using diagrams, process models, virtual structural models, or other appropriate visual aids.

Student does not include fully accurate visual representations of most included brain structures and functions. Errors are noted in the identification of structures and/or significant omissions are noted.

Student does not include visual representations of the work’s included brain structures and functions.


25 possible points

Student succinctly expresses the major gains of the project, skillfully identifying the broader benefits and applicability of cognitive psychology concepts.

Student provides an adequate summary of the work, identifying the main points of the paper in the conclusion. Enhancements might have been seen by exploring the applicability to the larger field and usefulness to society.

Student provides a general summary of the work; conclusions of applicability of concepts was absent.

Student does not include a conclusion or summary in closing the work.

Writing and formatting

20 possible points

Work is presented in a logical and coherent way. Writing is clear, articulate, and error free. APA formatting is complete, with all required paper elements accurately noted.

Work is grammatically sound with a few minor errors. APA formatting is complete with some minor errors.

Work contains frequent grammatical errors. Work contains incomplete and inaccurate APA formatting.

Significant grammatical errors within the work severely affect the readability. Work contains no formatting.

Summary Comments:


150 possible points