Blood Done Sign My Name Injustice and Racism Reading Questions

This is the prompt 

Read  Blood Done Sign My Name, M. 1-4   and Answer these question
1) What was your first impression of the first four chapters?  
2) Consider why MLK felt that 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America.  
3) How did Miss Amy’s testifying change the minds of Vernon Tyson’s board to allow a visiting black minister?  
4) Remember to consider the political aspect throughout this book.  Watch for clues regarding the political realignment that took place in NC and the U.S. in the 1960s.  
5) Look at the titles of the chapters.  Why did Tyson choose them?  

here an example of my classmates These examples I have to write one paragraph response for each an example of the response you will see it below and write a paragraphs of the blood Done sign My name by answering these qaution the book you will find it online and I post the first and second example for how to looks write 

First example 

My first impression of the first few chapters was this would be a book about the murder of a black man and how it would never really get solved and racism tore a town apart. On the other hand, this story so far is about the development of a young white boy and racism through his eyes. He has the inner struggle to not go along with his race yet he has found himself doing things that he knows isn’t right. His family believes in equality but everything around him put black people in a lower category than everyone else. This story so far is an unexpected rollercoaster of emotion.

Sunday at 11 a.m is the most segregated time because there was no mixing of races. Black people had their own church while the white people had their own church as well. I felt that was a very true statement and in some places, even in today’s society it is separate like. This is interesting because most religions believe in loving everyone and accepting everyone. 

Miss Amy changed the minds of the board because she told the story of how a black man saved the life of a white man. She said would you have told the black man not to touch the white man to save his life. She told them that she didn’t think that Dr. Proctor would mess up anything but only the people in the congregation tear everything apart.  

The political aspect at the time was everything was focused on the civil right movement. It mentioned President Johnson and President Kennedy and their impact on the civil rights movement. There was a movement of change allowing blacks to vote, go to school with other races, and allowing them to sit in the same places as others. North Carolina was reluctant and did not accept the voting rights acts. In Oxford, integration of schools had begun very slow even after 1954 but the only step oxford had made was allowing two black males to attend elementary school. There wasn’t much of an impact made in Oxford they still kept things separate. 

I think Tyson chose these titles to give us clues to what the chapter may be about or theme of the chapter. Original sins what talking about sex outside marriage being the sin. Yet, in this chapter, the fear of the black man sleeping with a white woman is the worst sin that could ever happen. But, for years masters had been sleeping with the black slave’s. It’s ironic how no one considers that as the same worst sin someone could commit. Baptism chapter did not talk about a literal baptism its basically just dipped the reader directly into what was happening in the town of Oxford. 

Second example 

I had no prior knowledge of this book or what it was going to be about but I assumed it would have more of a historical tone and educating purpose. After reading the first four chapters, I believe the author did write it to educate, however, it didn’t have an action-less historical tone, it was actually very interesting and easy to understand. Even though most of the first three chapters were introductions and background information, the fourth chapter had a lot more meat in it. The reading went by pretty quick and was probably the most interesting read we have been assigned throughout the class.

I think MLK believed Sunday morning at 11am was the most segregated hour in America because during that period of time even people who were accepting of blacks in their stores, restaurants, etc. most likely didn’t think they belonged in the same church as them. Even though Biblical teachings go against racism, It seemed churches were one of the most racially tense places. In the book when Tyson talks about the issues his father went through when he invited Dr. Proctor as a guest preacher, that is an example of what MLK was talking about.

Miss Amy’s testify really altered the minds of Vernon’s board to vote in favor of having Dr. Proctor as a guest. I believe her story spoke to the board members on a personal level and challenged them on their own beliefs. She asked them to think about the situation if it were their kid and and how they would react then. I also believe her testimony swayed more peoples vote because of how well respected and well like Miss Amy is in Oxford. 

I believe it was somewhere in chapter 3 where the book said that the Democratic platform had stated somethings to do with them supporting or being the party of white supremacy. However, later on it said how Vernon was known as a liberal in those days. That contradicts current beliefs because “liberal” is a term used for someone who is associated with todays democratic party, but he was against those democratic believes back then. I believe this shows how the political spectrum was changing in the United States during the 1960’s.

When looking at the titles for chapters 3 and 4, I believe it was pretty easy to tell why he chose what he did. Chapter 3 mainly talks about Robert Teel and his backstory. Teel set up a store in a mostly black neighborhood, even though he is known to have issues with black people. The title shows how is was almost impossible for there not to be a conflict given the situations and the fact that Teel and members of the community were “Too Close Not To Touch”. Chapter 4 is where Miss Amy gave her speech that helped sway the board to vote with Vernon, thus the chapter title “Miss Amy’s Witness”. For chapters 1 and 2, the reason Tyson chose them may not be as clear. The title for chapter 2 is “Original Sins” and I believe he chose that because he was talking about his family and their past which let me to believe he was talking about their previous sins. The title of chapter 1 is “Baptism” and I believe he chose that because that chapter is like a look forward to the event that the book revolves around.   

Response example 

I also had no prior knowledge of the book and was expecting more biographical and historic information. All the stories and insight on specific aspects of life back then was very intriguing and had me not wanting to put the book down. I also found it interesting that democrats were associated with white supremacy, back then and now all the racists are republicans, its like the sides switched at some point.