Biomedical Engineering Companies Career Planning Assignment

Part I: Biomedical Engineering Companies (5 pts)

  1. Find two companies that hire biomedical engineers
  2. For each company,

Please make sure to

  1. List the company name and website address
  2. List the working locations
  3. Write a short description (a few sentences) of their business as it relates to BMEin your own words
  4. List any engineering jobs/internships that are currently posted of interest to you (Most company websites will have a page on careers or you can do a general search on a job site:,,,
  5. Your impression and thoughts about the company (one paragraph). Is it some place you could see yourself working? Why or why not?

Part II: Graduate/Professional Programs (5 pts)

  1. Find two schools that offer a graduate program in Biomedical Engineering or offer a professional program in the biomedical field. Graduate programs focus on providing advanced study in a particular field of study whereas professional programs focus on preparing for a specific career.
  2. For each program,
    1. List the name and location of the school
    2. List the website address of the BME-related program
    3. Review the application requirements (e.g. GPA, GRE score, etc.), the degreesoffered (e.g. M.S., Ph.D), degree requirements (e.g. completion of a research thesis), concentration or focus areas, and time to completion. List the degree and focus area you are most interested in.
    4. List the name of two professors at the school who are conducting research in your area of interest and describe their research in a few sentences in your own words. (Information about professors can often be found under the Faculty directory on the school’s website)

e. Your impression and thoughts about the program (one paragraph). Is it a programyou’d be interested in attending? Why or why not?

Part III: Informational Interview – Networking and Career Advice (10 pts)

  1. Contact one person who is currently working in the biomedical engineering field or who is currently pursuing an advanced degree or working after acquiring a B.S. in biomedical engineering. This person could be someone that you personally know or you could contact a person through your connections using a site such as LinkedIn. This is youropportunity to network, so don’t be hesitant to contact someone at a company that you think you may want to join in the future. Most people are glad to offer advice and to share their experiences.
  2. Your goal is to get career advice and to learn about this person’s story. Ask the person 3– 5 questions about their job, career path, education, etc. You may come up with your own questions or use some of the following questions.
  3. Include your interviewee’s occupation, name, your questions, and their responses. Also, indicate how you connected with the individual (e.g. through LinkedIn, a family friend, relative, etc.)Example questions:
    • – How or why did you choose this career?
    • – What is a typical day in your work life like?
    • – What are the most and least rewarding aspects of your job?
    • – What educational requirements are needed for your career?
    • – What are the most important skills required to succeed in your field?
    • – What college courses have you found to be most important for your job?
    • – What do you wish you knew (but didn’t) when you first contemplated this career?
    • – Is there a shortage or oversupply of people in this career today?
    • – What’s the one skill I should learn to make myself more marketable?
    • – What advice would you give to current students majoring in biomedicalengineering?

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