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Written Homework Assignment: Risks and Benefits of Vaccinations (18pts)

Format: Typed, single space in 12 point font, four paragraphs – 1 page limit with , .docx, .doc or .pdf format.

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Step 1: There are risks and benefits involved with vaccinations. For this assignment, you need to research the following: A) the history of vaccinations, B) explain how a vaccine “works” within the body and C) the potential risks & proven benefits of vaccinations and write a one paragraph summary for each area (A, B, & C) of your research.

Suggested starting points:

You are not limited to these suggestions, but you are limited to using sources that are trustworthy ones. Blogs will not be accepted.

Step 2: Take a position(If you are a parent or are thinking that you will eventually become a parent, you will need to take a position on this issue.) You will not be graded on which side you choose but rather on how well you explain how and why you reached that position.

The fourth paragraph on the page will contain that explanation.

Step 3: At the end of your assignment paper, you must document your sourcesby giving the web address for every article that you used. The web address must be specific for the page(s) from where your information came. You should not use any quotations. All information should be in your own wording.

Grading Rubric for this homework assignment:

  • A.3 pts History – detailed work 3pts; lack of details 1-2 pts
  • B.3 pts How does a vaccine work? – detailed explanation 3 pts; lack of details 1- 2pts
  • C.6 pts Pros and Cons – Pros details 3 pts lack of details 1-2 pts
  • D.4 pts – Position clearly stated 2 pts; unclear position 0 pts

Cons details 3 pts lack of details 1-2 pts

Rational clearly stated 2pts; lack of details 0-1 pts

E. 2 pts – Sources given; 0 pts if sources aren’t given

If there is significant overlap in wording between your paper and any others (published or unpublished), you will receive 0 pts for the assignment.