Best Care Health Work Breakdown Structure and Budget Team Final Project

Throughout the Project Management concentration, you have served the role as project manager for Best Care Health (BCH), an organization operating 43 hospital campuses in rural areas across the United States. The leaders at BCH are committed to incorporating the latest technologies, especially telemedicine.

The closing process includes capturing of lessons learned from all stakeholders, closing the procurements, and delivering the unique product, service, or result. Please note that stakeholders include any people, groups, or organizations that had a positive or negative impact on the project. As a team, you will create a comprehensive lessons learned document that addresses the assignment requirements. 

Answer the following five questions below,4-5 sentences for EACH question.

(g) Discuss how the work packages created in the work breakdown structure (WBS) are used to create the project’s budget. (GM592)

(h) Explain the risk factors encountered by the project team when procuring work to vendors and contractors. (GM592) 

(i) Discuss your understanding of what Dr. Edwards Deming meant when he promoted the concept of building quality in the product or process rather than inspect it. (GM592) 

(j) Explain why the risk register is a work in process; that is, iterative. (GM592) 

How does addressing the item improve the chances of project success?