BEN95 A & Z Stores Case Study Analysis

The Case Study is Attached.

Steps and structure of analysis:

1.Key issues

2.Identify key issues




Points to be focused on also

Compelling commercial (why they do?, do you agree or disagree? And why).

A lot of criticism for the company (identify all the criticisms) you need to come up with recommendation (take care of your stakeholders. Take examples from the case study.


A & Z Stores Case study: (This is some of the key points/issues)

1- Brand clothing and foods

2- 1463 stores around the world.

3- More franchise partners.

4- 20 years financial instability.

5- A lot of change of leadership.

6- Reputation for quality products.

7- Send the productions overseas.

8- Customer loyal to Britch brand and reacted badly.

9- Stores closures and job loss.

10- 100 stores were closed.

11- Cost 200 million to implement.

12- Loss the reputation of good employer.

13- Opening stores outside (green filed)

14- Values importance.

15- Very ambitions for Z plan.

16- Public criticism.


– 1300 to 1500 words.

– 0% Plagiarism.