Athletic Training Strength and Conditioning AMP Family Cover Letter

please write my cover letter

include the following:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter, including a brief summary about you, why you entered the field of Athletic Training/Strength and Conditioning, your short and long term goals, and why you would make a good addition to the AMP Family.
  • 2-3 Professional References (Educator, Former Employer (any field), etc.)
  • I will upload information to include in my summary about me but make it sound well and stand out! don’t worry about the resume or references ill do that just need cover letter!
  • plagarism free with report thank you!
  • Company Information: The Athletic Movement Protocol is an elite Sports Performance and athlete reconditioning company dedicated to an “Athlete Specific” training approach. Every client that trains at AMP receives a comprehensive pre-participation evaluation, encompassing everything from posture, movement, injury predisposition and history, to sport specific goals analysis. From there, individualized programs are designed and executed in a small group or 1-on-1 format.

    AMP is a full service training facility, offering first class Performance Training, Recovery, Nutrition, and Mindset coaching services to athletes of all levels including those from professional, college and high school sports.

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