Assassination of John F Kennedy Research Paper

Write a research paper, using MLA or APA format for your citations From the list attached as Schedule A, pick a topic that interests you. This topic will provide a starting point only. You will certainly want to narrow the field. Above all, make sure you have a thesis. Your not to tell a story. Give any narrative background in your introduction before you present your thesis. Then argue your points. You may wish to draw some connection between your subject and a work we have read. Alternatively, you might explain the significance of a historical event, or your could draw some other larger point from it. Other topics are fine, but please clear them with me first. job is to make an argument, The instructor and the class will evaluate your paper with the following questions in mind 1) FOCUS: Does the writer have a clear point? Does he or she stick to it? Make sure you have a clear point 2) ORGANIZATION: Does the writer divide the main idea into smaller paragraphs that support it? Are these paragraphs logically related both to the main idea and to each other? Does each paragraph have an effective topic sentence? 3) EXAMPLES: Does the writer use specific examples and quotations to support points? Does the writer explore these examples fully? Would other examples help or hurt the writer’s argument? 4) STYLE: Does the writer use sentences and words effectively? Does the writer use a voice appropriate to his or her audience? Does the writer use a voice appropriate to his or her point of view? Does the writer avoid passive voice? If the writer uses passive voice, does he or she have reason to do so?

5) MECHANICS: Are there any grammar or punctuation errors? Are there any misspellings? Are quotations cited correctly? Is the writer making mistakes explained in class, in assigned readings, or in previous assignments?