ART 101 Northern Virginia Ancient Egyptian Temple Research Paper

This essay fulfills the course requirement to conduct written research on a work of art or architecture. The work of art (or architecture) that you select will also be used to create your Research PowerPoint (due in Unit 3). This work of art or architecture must be from the eras covered in Units 1 and 2. Your topic has to be covered in the textbook, and should have been created during the Prehistoric era through the Ancient Roman era (Unit 1 through 2). In your paper, you must provide a clear thesis and demonstrate your support for that thesis in your research. I want to see your thesis stated by the end of your first paragraph. Remember, a thesis is: a statement or theory that you intend to prove by the end of your paper.


  • 3 pages, double-spaced and typed, in 12pt. font
  • at least 3 sources (other than your text)

Information Literacy

You must use this Research Resource Guide to access the following credible academic sources on the basis of your research:

  • books
  • dissertations
  • interviews
  • journals
  • magazines
  • videos

Websites and encyclopedic entries will not be counted as appropriate research sources. What is provided for you through the Research Resource Guide are the required, credible, peer-reviewed sources you will need for this assignment. If you are unsure of the legitimacy of any of your sources, please ask the instructor.


  • You must provide a clear thesis, which states what you hope to show about a specific work. For example, you may want to discuss a work of architecture and its relation to social and political ideas of the society that created it. If the artist’s biography is known, you may discuss how the work of art might relate to that biography.
  • Provenance is the history of ownership. In addressing provenance, you answer: Was the work commissioned and why? If not, why was it made? What were the artist’s intentions?
  • How do factors like the historical context and location shape the meaning of the work?
  • Remember that in discussing style, you are often referring to a period style or regional style. You must also utilize formal analysis in your approach to communicating the work’s key features. Give attention to the materials and techniques the artist used to effectively communicate their ideas.
  • The possibilities are endless, but you must demonstrate that you understand the interpretations of a work of art architecture. This should be responsive to the research you have encountered, and you may be expanding upon or arguing against previous research.
  • Don’t choose too broad of a topic such as “Prehistoric Art”. This is good only if you are writing a book. Choose a subject from an era after you narrow it down such as “Prehistoric Art – Venus of Willendorf”. Choose specific artwork (one) or architecture (one). Do not choose more than one and remember, only from this class.
  • You must include MLA citation style – complete bibliography on two separate pages at the end of the paper. Your endnotes should be on their own page, as well as your bibliography. You don’t need to fill these two pages, but they should be on separate pages at the end of your paper. A full resource guide to MLA citation is also included in the Research Resource Guide.