Our topic is anti-procrastination

1. Written Section (20 points)

a.Name and describe the stress management technique or strategy.

i.The topic must be approved by the instructor. Be creative! There are numerous potential topics to research. Some examples; meditation, yoga, art therapy, humor therapy, Tai Chi, massage, exercise, etc.

ii.Include typical target populations, resources, skills required, etc.

iii.Provide a general description of how it is performed or completed.

a.Include information related to the frequency, duration, environment, guidance, etc., related to it.

b.Specify the mechanisms (physiological, psychological, etc.) of how exactly it helps achieve the desired goals or outcomes. (how does it work?)

i.The information available for this section will vary depending on the topic. Provide a concise summary of the effects of your topic on how the body perceives or responds to stress. This is the ‘science’ of your topic section.

c.Research summary.

i.Provide the results of relevant peer-reviewed research on your topic. At least 3 peer-reviewed articles must be examined.

ii.It is not necessary to provide an entire abstract writing on each article, be concise!

d.Describe your experiences with participating in your topic.

i.Provide some background

a.Where was it? How often did you do it? How much did it cost? Etc.

ii.What are the goals of your participation in this topic?

iii.Was it effective? Describe if and how it improved your stress or health. Be specific. Provide some evidence! (resting HR, BP, anxiety, sleep, etc.)

iv.Would you recommend this to others? Why of why not?