Answer following Questions

1. What is water pollution?

2. What are the 8 main groups of water pollutants? Give an example of each main type.

3. What is sewage?

4. What is enrichment?

5. What is biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)?

6. How is BOD related to sewage?

7. What is an oligotrophic lake?

8. What is eutrophication?

9. What is a eutrophic lake?

10. What is artificial eutrophication?

11. What are disease causing agents? Provide examples.

12. How is water monitored for disease from sewage?

13. When does sediment pollution occur?

14. What are the affects of sediment pollution?

15. What are inorganic plant and algal nutrients and why are they essential?

16. Explain what the dead zone is and what causes the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico?

17. What is hypoxia?

18. What are organic compounds? Provide examples.

19. What are volatile organic compounds? Provide examples.

20. What are inorganic chemicals? Provide examples.

21. Summarize the section on lead.

22. Summarize the section on mercury.

23. How do radioactive substances get into the water?

24. Explain thermal pollution.

25. Why is thermal pollution a problem?