Answer Discussion questions and make sure each question is minumum of 225 words Then Reply to two other students.

Discussion Question:


you agree with the author’s statement that “unless scripture explicitly

tells us we must do something, what is only narrated or described does

not function in a normative way – unless it can be demonstrated on other

grounds that the author intended it to function in this way?” (Chapter



you believe that the description of the early Church in Acts should be

used as a pattern to be replicated by the modern Church? Why or why not?

(Chapter 6)


chapter 6)

I kind of disagree with the author on his statement because even though the scripture doesn’t explicitly tell you must do something or the narrator didn’t put into the right words you shouldn’t probably do it. What I mean by this is that we have common sense and we understand what is good and what is bad to do even though we try to pretend that we don’t or we try to find “loopholes”. But we should understand that something we shouldn’t do even without saying or writing it. God gave us common sense it is up to us if we use it or not. It is not to blame others for not understanding or knowing not to do anything. Sometimes we have to read between the obvious lines that we have as common knowledge not everything that you shouldn’t do have to be written down and if we don’t want to believe that is because they want to do something and not have to deal with the consequences but we do. Even when your parents lay down rules and don’t say some you understand not to do those certain things because you know you will be in trouble and that is what God is to us. so it is up to us if we want to follow the right path or stray.


I would differ in light of the fact that I realize that each issue we experienced these days, we can swing to the Bible or Scriptures for answers in the event that we contemplate and petition God for them. Most importantly we have to comprehend who the Author is? What’s more, here is the individual by the name of Luke and he was a doctor given in the book of Colossians 4:14 and he was likewise called to be a delivery person of Jesus Christ. Luke was a Gentile or Non-Jewish by birth, yet his works demonstrates that he was accomplished in Greek culture and language. Luke needed the Gentiles, which incorporates we all, to go to a similar learning of reality that he had. So despite the fact that his declaration was routed to Theophilus, who may have been a high Ranking Roman Official, Luke exhibited data that would enable each peruser to comprehend and trust the Good News about our Savior Jesus Christ. Each time I would have a preliminary or tribulations throughout my life, I generally swing to the sacred writings. Everybody gets their very own disclosures to lead and guide our lives thus my most ideal route is to LIKEN THE SCRIPTURES TO MYSELF. On the off chance that we trust that these sacred writings were composed and protected for us, at that point we should utilize it and read it cautiously every day so we can genuinely comprehend the messages from our Savior Jesus Christ and his Apostles and prophets. Indeed I do trust that the depiction of the Early Church given and composed by Luke in his Partner Volume “Book of Acts” ought to be utilized as an example by Modern Church today. He composed THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES as a spin-off of his Gospel or Revelations. He affirmed of the Birth, Life, Death, and Resurrection of the Savior. The Savior came to earth furthermore, amid his Ministry, he composed his Church and Endowed his Apostles with power from on High which is the Holy Ghost and with his Priesthood Power to do and play out his work here on earth. The Book of Act includes the record of the Lords Apostles Declaring this Gospel Message all through the World. I have faith in a similar association that existed in the Primitive Church in particular Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, thus forward.