Answer 3 question for discussion (each min 150words) and make 2 replies in other discussions ( each one atleast 150words)

Part 1. Based on the article “That Slow Hissing Sound? The Jet Bubble” – i attacked in files below.. answer 3 questions below: (each atleast 150words)

i. Which market is Alcoa exiting? Why? [That is: What issues are leading to this decision?]

ii. Describe any barriers to exit you would expect Alcoa to face.

iii. Will this exit be likely to hurt company profits in the short run? In the long run?

Part2: Make 2 replies for 2 discussions below (each one atleast 150words).. please provide charts, pictures, sources if necessary

a. Reply to jay:

What is meant by the term “commitment”? What is Nintendo’s commitment, as described in the article

The term commitment is meaning Nintendo will continue to try to make a profit from Pokémon Go for as long as it can. The article states that Pokémon Go topped the chats as the “most downloaded” app for three days in a row (Lewis, 2016). Even now in 2019, there are still some people that play Pokémon Go because of the fun and interactive features and levels. Nintendo’s commitment is to continue to use smartphones as a platform to release more games. Nintendo said they were going to release 5 more games on smartphones several months after the release of Pokémon Go. So their commitment is staying strong in trying to bring in more profit through the release of new smartphone games.

Lewis, L. (2016). Pokemon Go shows Nintendo the promise of mobile. Financial Times. Retrived from….

b. reply to marry:

What are the three characteristics distinguish a strategic move as creating a strong commitment? Is Nintendo making a strong commitment?

The 3 characteristics that distinguish a strong commitment are: irreversible, visible and understandable, and lastly credible. The company has to have an irreversible commitment or else other competitors will not see their commitment as carrying any weight and could potentially not see the said company as a threat. Another characteristic is visible and understandable, meaning whatever the commitment is, it should be clear to others what their intentions are. Lastly, a strong commitment should be credible. Rivals should not think the commitment is a bluff or again the company will not be taken seriously. Nintendo is making a strong commitment because they have seen the success with Pokémon Go and wish to do the same with the other games being released.

Lewis, L. (2016). Pokemon Go shows Nintendo the promise of mobile. Financial Times. Retrived from….