Annotated Bibliography Mental Health Phobias

Pierce TCC

Fall 2018

Annotated Bibliography

For this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography

containing at least 8 sources. Each entry for your annotated

bibliography will contain 3 components: 1) A standard MLA Works

Cited entry, 2) A brief summary, in your own words, of the source’s

main points (100-200 words), and 3) An evaluation of the source (50-

150 words).

Sources: Read each source very carefully so that, should I ask any

questions, you can demonstrate your familiarity with the material.

Think critically!

You need to create an MLA citation for each source. Refer to

Refworks or Easybib or Perdue OWL.

The summary needs to be just that, an objective summary of the main

ideas of the article, without any of your own reactions and opinions.

The evaluation is your opportunity to appraise the material,

describing its value or its usefulness to you as a student of literature.

Use the CRAAP test for this. You may describe your reaction to the

material in this portion of the assignment. Be sure to pay attention to

the word length ascribed above.

Remember: This assignment is asking you to perform a review of the

available material for your topic. This is exploring the literature and

scholarship is available for a particular topic.

Your research should be focused on solving a problem. Come up with

a research questions and put that question at the top of the