Andrew Jackson Discussion Board

Andrew Jackson proved to be one of the more controversial U.S. presidents of the 19th century, even during his own time. As you will be reading in Chapter 9 and 10, his actions created a firestorm of debate and even led to the creation of a rival political party. One action, of course, that was strongly opposed by many was Jackson’s support of the removal of Indians living east of the Mississippi to land west of the river.

For this assignment, read the two attached documents below. These two documents are 1. An excerpt from Pres. Jackson’s 1829 address to Congress detailing his support of Indian removal, and 2. an 1835 letter from Pres. Jackson to the Cherokee Indians encouraging them to remove themselves.

After reading these documents, answer with following questions with 200-250 words (total).

1. What are some reasons why Jackson believes the Indians should be removed?

2. How would you characterize his tone or approach in these messages?

3. Do you believe Jackson made any valid points in his messages? Explain your answer.