analysis of the ingredients of an item that gets in contact with human.

This optional assignment is an essay on the analysis of the ingredients of an item that gets in contact with human. It could be a food item, a makeup product, a shampoo, a prescribed drug, a facial cleaning gel, etc. The item must be commercially available and must contain at least 10 ingredients. You are required to analyze the chemical properties of each component: the common name, systematic name, structure, formula, classification (inorganic or organic), the functional groups present in the structure (if organic), the polarity of the compound (very polar, medium polarity, non-polar), the water solubility of the compound and how does it relate to the structure, the safety/toxicity of the compound, how does the compound contribute to the usage or effectiveness of the commercial product, and any other property you consider relevant or interesting.

You need to draw the chemical structure of each ingredient with an appropriate software and you must not copy/paste a structure from anywhere (like Wikipedia). If there are chiral centers in the compound you must draw them with the wedge/dash convention and indicate the R/S configuration of each center. If there are stereoisomers you must draw each isomer and indicate the relationship of isomers (enantiomers or diastereomers).

Certain ingredients (like wheat flour, whole milk powder, and artificial flavors in the attached sample image) may be complex mixtures by themselves. In this case you need to discuss the top three major components of each ingredient.

You may need to check our textbook and additional resources on the functional groups. You may also need to predict certain properties of one ingredient based on its structure. There cannot be any direct quote and any information that is not common knowledge must come with proper citation in ACS (American Chemical Society) style ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.). If I deem your paper to be excessive copying with no sign of original work I will give you 0 point.

The essay must be a single Word document. There needs to be a cover page with title and your information. Make sure to identify which class/section you are in. All pages must be numbered. Check your spelling and make your structure drawings aesthetically appealing. As a conclusion you must summarize on what you have learned from the analysis. Discuss how chemistry is relevant for this commercial item of your choice. This will account for 40% of your grade. Following the reference section at the end of your essay please attach a picture of the item (see example below). The complete “Ingredients” section must be clearly shown.

the picture is a example item, but you can use it. About double space, three pages or more.