American history Assignment

200 to 300 words are required. Two citations are required for the assignment. Only references given inside can be used.

The controversy over the bones of the 9,000 year old Kennewick Man surround the repatriation of Native American human remains via the 1990 NAGPRA law. Some argue (Raff 2015, Raja 2016) that the archaeology, ethics and law demand the reburial of the remains, while Weiss (2001) posits the science is too great to lose and an appropriate cultural affiliation cannot be determined. Based on the evidence presented, what is your opinion on the controversy?

Silverman (2011) and Shackel (2011) overview and provide definitions for public archaeology and the “civic engagement” of historical research with contemporary communities. In what ways do the authors illustrate the importance and outcomes of publicly engaged archaeology? Provide concrete examples from the texts that suggests this methodology has benefit to populations of the present.