Altus Group Limited Commercial Software Company Discussion Board Questions

  1. Pick an organization where you have volunteered. The organization can be a non-profit or a for profit business or other organization you are interested in.
  2. You will write a 250 word summary about your experience. Write in formal academic style. Do not abbreviate and do not use bullet points. Use the guidelines below.
  3. This should be a learning experience for you. It may even serve as career exploration. Use this paper to learn about about a field where you have an interest and make some connections.

Include the following items in your forum posting to Blackboard.

I.Introduction and Purpose: Name of organization, organization location, organization’s mission or purpose, why you chose the organization.

II.Management Practices: Describe any business practices or organizational behavior practices that you observed.

III.Experience: Describe your experience. What did you learn?

IV.Conclusion: Your reflections on the experience. Would you want to work there? Why or why not?