African American population Empowerment Essay

Due in 46 hours (11:55 PM EST, Sunday, 29, 2019)

The purpose of this assignment is to integrate and synthesize course information and conduct research in the empirical literature, with application to a population of interest to you.

Your paper should follow APA guidelines. Use headings and subheadings as appropriate for organizing the content of your paper. The length of the paper should be five pages (not including title page and references). Cite and reference all sources of information used. The paper should be submitted electronically.

Use the following outline to organize your work:

Section 1: Population

Identify and describe a population of interest to you. This population should have multiple layers of oppression (reflecting intersectionality of identities).

Describe disparities in outcomes (in any one social or economic area) between this population and other group(s).

Section 2: Context for Practice

Identify how the inequalities described above have been shaped by a form of oppression.

Discuss how social work professionals may have the opportunity to work toward empowerment with the population in settings across systems including individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Provide specific examples.

Provide some information as to how the context for practice with your population has changed over time and how and why you see that context changing in the future. (history of population 10 years before present and what you expect to happen 10 years from now) Provide specific examples.

Section 3: Empowerment Practice

Find at least four scholarly readings related to social work practice (theories and methods) with your population that are congruent with empowerment practice.

Synthesizing what you have read, demonstrate why you believe the ideas are congruent with empowerment practice (using your text and the readings you have located).

Be sure to describe empowerment with your population across systems to some extent. Given the context you have already discussed, how should social workers think about and work with your population from an empowerment approach?