Africa Population Growth Anthropological Perspective and Solutions Assignment

The country is Africa…OKAY THIS ONE CAN BE DONE IN A WEEK…1 paragraph is good here…..I numbered the areas that need about 1 paragraph added for each section….1.Approach: Anthropological Theory cultural relativism is not a theory, it is a practice. You will need to find an actual theory that would lend insight into your region/group. The Kamba live in the region of Mbooni and the cultural groups are Massia , lou ,Kamba cultural groups. I might suggest Historical Particularism, Functionalism, or Structuralism to use as a theory….

2.Approach: Research Method flesh this out a bit more with the value of ethnography.
3.Approach: Method Informs Approach ..Could use some more details about HOW you are going to conduct ethnography. Where are you going to stay? What about language barriers, etc.
4.Approach: Theoretical Perspectives: I cannot find where you address this aspect. 5.You want to return to your theory and summarize its value to your project. 6. You will also want to consider non-western perspectives (EX: oral histories). They will lend valuable insight into local values, customs, practices, etc.

KEEP THIS SEPARATE FROM OTHER TWO PLEASE…1 paragraph is okay here….1.anthro theory. What theory will you use to inform your project? .
2.Logistics: Impact Identity: Here you want to be a bit more specific and highlight your cultural group, Logistics: Diverse Cultures: contextualize them with the unique history of your project country. Remember the history aspect in MS1 – you return to it here and explain how you will make tourists feel welcome in light of the local history.
Ethical Repercussions: Address Repercussions: be more specific. Take the time to outline specific strategies you will use to mitigate negative impacts. Get creative 🙂 For example, what about a local tourism committee – they would have a say in how things are done. Outline what they would do.

ONE PARAGRAPH HERE IS OKAY..1.start with outlining the cultural groups of your area.The area is Kenya and the cultural groups are Massai, Lou, Kamba…. eventually get to this and offer some nice associations, but also support them with cited evidence please… drawing on a source and identify it please…. Where did you get your info about your groups? Include in-text citation for it…..
2.Folklore and Mythology: Modern Cultural Identity. Here you need to analyze the impact of the myth on the modern cultural identity of your group. Think about and please use Malinowski and his idea of Myth as Charter.


2 PAGES HERE PLEASE…Watch the video HUMAN POPULATION THROUGH TIME ON UTUBE…watching the video, consider the impact of population expansion on the Earth, the environment, and the natural resources available to humans. specifically addressing:

  • Explanation of population growth from an anthropological perspective
  • Methods involved in studying the consequences of population growth
  • Examination of cross-cultural solutions for population growth

first question.The earths population has increased exponentially since the beginning of the nineteenth century, and is expected to continue to do so over the next 50 years, hitting a total of 9.5 billion people by the year 2050. Why do you think this is?Think about the anthropological discussions about of population, food systems, and social organization , and give an explanation for ehy the population has grown in such a way from an anthropological perspective. 2ND question…There are several consequences of global population growth. Pick one of these consequences and drawing on the video and other materials from the course explain how you would study this problem as an anthropologist. What methods would you use? what do you think you would find? What have other anthropologists found?

3rd question.. suggest ways to curb population growth and problems it is creating. Discuss what difficulties there would be in implementing these solutions cross culturally. Are there any ethical considerations to account for? What are they??? THIS ENDS THE 2ND ASSIGNMENT .. THE THIRD ASSIGNMENT IS BELOW THIS…

THIS BEGINS THE THIRD ASSIGNMENT…7 slide powerpoint with 1 image for each of the six slides last slide is reference slide. For each slide I just need a few sentences per slide… reflect upon the stories you have learned about the United States over the years. This might include stories about the American Dream or George Washington chopping down the cherry tree. Think about Paul Revere and about the Boston Tea Party. What do these stories tell you about America?

choose any story or figure in American civic folklore, use Paul Bunyan and assemble a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following:

  • Explain how the selected folklore helps shape modern ideas of what it means to be American.
  • Identify parts of the selected folklore’s message that are fictitious.
  • Describe the differences between myths and folklore relative to the selected stories……..