Addressing a Leadership Issue

Develop a 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation (exclusive of the title slide and references slide) with detailed speaker notes for each slide about a leadership topic/issue you are passionate about. Remember that this assignment should be written in third-person, but any personal reflection can be in first person (although subjective in nature, you still need to support your perspective with objective information [e.g., peer-reviewed, scholarly sources]).

Use the Set, Support, Sequence, Access, and Polish (SSSAP) tool – Module 4, Competency 2 (pp. 260-268) – as a foundation to develop your presentation and include the following:

  • Background information of the selected topic/issue.
  • Why you chose your topic and your stance based on the lessons from the course textbook as a guide.
  • Describe what the key leadership competencies are to solve the problem, gain substantial insight, and to understand how to reach your audience.
  • Identify and describe in detail cross-functional teams to partner with to address the selected topic/issue.
  • Potential barriers/obstacles that inhibit action.
  • Possible solutions to address any barriers/obstacles

Last, but not least … you need to “dazzle” me. In other words, avoid the boring aesthetics (visuals) and mundane rhetoric. Instead, make your PowerPoint something you’d be proud to present at – say – a professional conference.

NOTE: You need to include at least ten (10) peer-reviewed, scholarly references to support/substantiate your perspective/insight into the selected topic/issue.

Remember to cite/reference all outside works in proper APA style (6th edition).