Adapted from Steps to Writing Well Essay

Expository Essay Topics

*Adapted from Steps to Writing Well


Choose one of the following statements, or a statement of your choice to help you discover an essay topic of your own design. Write a 3 page expository research essay. Use the information from your assigned reading (Chapter 9) in your textbook to help you develop a clear and cohesive expository research essay. Be sure to have a strong thesis statement. Find at least 3 online sources from the SHU Library Database to ground your topic in research. The examples below are suggestions for topics, but feel free to choose an appropriate topic of your choice. Use MLA style, cite your in-text sources correctly, and include a Works Cited. Please see the rubric on Blackboard under the “Resources” folder.

  1. How can bullying be prevented in schools?
  2. Why is there an increase in depression in the United States?
  3. Failure is a better teacher than success.
  4. How do video games affect children?
  5. What are the positive and negative aspects of materialism?
  6. Time spent on social networking sites interferes with/promotes good interpersonal skills.
  7. Explain how the Internet has had a positive effect on communication?
  8. Why are more people getting divorced?
  9. Complaining can produce unforeseen results.
  10. Modern technology can produce more inconvenience than convenience.
  11. Moving frequently has its advantages (or disadvantages).
  12. How can individuals reduce global warming?
  13. Should women be allowed to compete against men?
  14. One important event can change the course of a life.
  15. Learning time management is important for incoming freshmen students.