Acts of Violence Goal of Terrorism and Islamic Terrorism Questions

Directions to student: This is an open-book, untimed, test Due on the last day of class. It is designed to assess your understanding of some of the key components that we have discussed in this course so far. Please answer the questions thoroughly and objectively; subjectivity is not prohibited, however, if you express opinion within your answer, please support your argument with examples or other sources. This exam will count for 100 points of your overall possible 600 points for this course. Please see the syllabus for sourcing information.

(Short-answer questions are valued at 10 points each)

  1. List three acts of violence with the same goal as terrorism yet is not considered terrorism.
  2. What is the goal of terrorism?
  3. Is ISIS an insurgency or a terrorist organization. Explian why?
  4. What are the three Islamic waves of terrorism?
  5. What are the three actors of terrorism?
  6. Provide a real world example of domestic terrorism and explain why it is considered domestic.
  7. Provide a real world example of international terrorism and explain why it is considered international.
  8. What is meant by “terrorism is just war by other means?”
  9. Provide three reasons as noted in this class of why defining terrorism is so difficult.
  10. Describe the “duality” of terrorism.

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