Activism against Domestic Violence Issues and Negative Effects Research Paper

Paper should be a minimum of 5 pages

The paper should reflect a scholarly, research-based approach to the issue. It will therefore make use of and reference texts we have covered in class and/or otherscholarly, peer-reviewed sources.

The paper must be typed and double-spaced, with standard margins and fonts, and edited and corrected for grammar and spelling. All sources must be properly cited.


From the readings and class discussions this semester, choose an issue that negatively impacts the lives of women in the US (or your country of origin if you prefer).

1. Give a concise outline of the problems/seriousness of the issue and how it affects the lives of women, keeping in mind that “women” is a broad category for analysis. Present the underlying causesof this problem: there is a tendency to only list symptoms of a problem rather than examining the systemic basis for them. It is crucial that we recognize what these systemic issues are. Please be cognizant of the need to understand the extent to which intersections of race, class, sexuality, ability etc. are often inextricable from gender when examining the issues at hand. Your analysis should reflect this intersectionality.

2. Conduct research into, and report on, the importance and relevance of women’sactivism around this issue. Your paper should address the following questions:

How have/are women organized/organizing to address the issue?

What have been/are the goals of this activism?

What has been/is the impact of this activism?

What has it achieved or what does it hope to achieve?

3. Include discussion of the following:

In what way is this issue relevant to the lives of young people today?

Is it / why is it important for young people in contemporary society to take a stand on this issue?