3 sections in marketing plan about P&G

This is part of a marketing plan for P&G. Please feel free to ask as many questions. Please use APA format for all resources used perferably from the P&G website. This needs to be at least 2 pages for everything double spaced.

Implementation & Control –

-This is a brief paragraph (3-4 sentences) that will explain to the reader what to expect in the remainder of this section of the other 3 parts.

This section will include the following

(Chpt 2)

7.1 Special Implementation Problems to Overcome

Are there any problems to overcome?

What resources will be needed…personnel, financial burdens or other resources?

7.2 Control

What marketing systems and data are needed to understand the marketing strategy?

How will the plan be measured? For example, comparing the objectives to results, customer

satisfaction, sales, and expenses (daily, quarterly, or yearly?)