3 scholarships for pharmacy school

A one-page essay per scholarship describing how you satisfy the specific PEACE scholarship eligibility criteria and what this scholarship means for you. Please note that a separate essay is required for each PEACE scholarship. The essay must be single-spaced, Times New Roman font size 12, 1″ margin.

  • Dean’s Scholarship

The Deans Scholarship recognizes outstanding students who embody our vision of service, leadership and educational attainment. Eligibility and review criteria for this award include scholastic achievement, leadership ability and potential, commitment to service, and career goals aligned to living this vision.

  • Diversity Scholarship

The Diversity Scholarship recognizes exemplary students from underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds who are committed to serving people from all backgrounds with respect, compassion and distinction. Eligibility and review criteria for this award include underrepresented or disadvantaged background, commitment to service, career goals, and potential impact on advancing diversity goals.

-Since I born in Iraq and my life was difficult due to the war were in iraq that include all th and I moved many cities just to stay away from the war.

-The war in iraq give people to be more Killers and thugs. They kill others that have different religion and education people that live in peace and want to upgrade this country.

– War made people look at the women in a different way specially with womens with ambition and a good education background. They kill her or stop he from work by killing their children.

– I was one of the student that were going to school while all those stuff happening. They pumped my school and my house which made us to move many pleases for our education and rights until I came to united state and my dream came true.

– In Iraq there is not women rights, the women cannot work or study because of many reason you can find it online about war of iraq.

-but when I came to united state i start studying and reading english from scratch

– I used to record my teacher and then translate all his voice to word, i used to work in the college while I was in high school. I start college and finish all the pharmacy school requirement in 3 years to get accepted to this school.

– This scholarship related to me because I had a very hard time trying to study in disadvantaged backgrounds. Me and my aunt were working in a the pharmacy in iraq and there was a drug issue(personal statement) but she was putting herself in dangerous just to help people and that what push me to become a pharmacist and help other.

  • New Face of Pharmacy Scholarship

The New Face of Pharmacy Scholarship recognizes underrepresented minorities with leadership ability and commitment to pharmacy. Eligibility and review criteria for this award include underrepresented background, leadership ability and potential, commitment to pharmacy, and career goals.