1.5-Page Essay on Persian/Iranian Music

Write a paragraph about the tar instrument and then Pick one of the subjects below:

Option 1: Write a one to two page comparative essay on three different tar players from the three different eras on the A Century of Tar Music CD.

Option 2: Write a one to two page comparative study on three different dastgah’s or avaz’es (choosing from the pieces presented in this week). You can approach your analysis technically, artistically.

ALL the information(also screenshot attached) you need is on this website http://yadegari.org/MUS111/, under Week 3, April 18 Radif and Dastgâh System. Please find the right information to write on.

PLEASE also check out the “week 3 Slides” to find possible information you need.


***Check out the bad example attached! The feedback from my professor was: “this essay is rather sprawling and disorganized. In the future, spend some time working on logical flow of paragraphs and material. Good sources, good bibliography.” ***