​Week 16 Forum

Week 16 Forum

What did you learn by doing these labs? Can you find an application for this information in everyday life?

200 – 350 words.



ESC-1L – Course Title: Earth Science Lab – Textbook:There is no required textbook or lab book for this class.

Course Description

Optional laboratory for Earth Science. Use the tools and methods of science to image,

measure and observe phenomenon in geology, oceanography, astronomy and meteorology.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to accomplish the following in

addition to other learned aspects of earth sciences:

A. Examine concepts of measurement: select appropriate scientific units and significant figures, and perform

unit conversions.

B. Classify earth materials such as minerals, rocks and fossils.

C. Analyze topographic, bathymetric, geologic maps or marine charts for direction, distance, gradient and

symbols and distinguish land or seafloor features.

D. Collect weather data including temperature, pressure, humidity, cloud type, wind speed and satellite

information and propose a short term weather forecast.

E. Describe features of the moon, planets and constellations using telescopes or satellite imagery.

F. Plan and propose experiments to explore the natural world and test hypotheses in the earth sciences.


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