​4​ ​Primary​ Sources & 4 Secondary​ Sources (24 -32 sentences)


Containment and the set of policies that accompanied this declaration in the year 1947 under President Truman’s administration.

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– Do not change the topic.

For this assignment, please provide a brief summary (3-4 sentences for each source) of your primary and secondary sources that you intend to incorporate in your research paper. Please describe how this source ties into what your research paper is about. The aim of this assignment is for you to think more deeply about the sources you have been gathering, in addition to practicing your analytical skills. This will also make it easier to write your paper as you go along. You could list these as such:

Please keep the following in mind: Videos are not allowed as sources. If you use online sources they must be from a .org, .gov, .edu domain. I would highly recommend the traditional approach and using printed materials such as books, journal articles, and maybe even newspapers/magazines.

**Wikipedia is not allowed as a source

Video Link on Primary/Secondary Sources:


Primary Source A_________ (3-4 sentences)

Primary Source B__________ (3-4 sentences)

Primary Source C___________ (3-4 sentences)

Primary Source D___________ (3-4 sentences)

Secondary Source A___________ (3-4 sentences)

Secondary Source B____________ (3-4 sentences)

Secondary Source C____________ (3-4 sentences)

Secondary Source D____________ (3-4 sentences)

Things to consider as you gather your sources: Are your sources addressing the main topic of your paper?